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decorated rooms

Modern Minimalist

120 square meters

The Modern Minimalist room exemplifies simplicity and sophistication. With sleek furniture, muted color tones, and clean, open spaces, this room is perfect for clients seeking a contemporary aesthetic. Key features include a modular sofa, geometric light fixtures, and minimalist art pieces.
Equipped with high-quality photo equipment such as professional lighting setups, various backdrops, a tripod, and reflectors.
A multitude of add-on services to enhance your photo shoot experience. Among these are an on-site professional photographer available for hire, makeup and hair stylists.
We are dedicated to providing a seamless and superior photo shoot experience, facilitating your creativity and ensuring that your visions turn into stunning visuals.

$150/per hour

Grand Piano

108 square meters

The Grand Piano room is a truly unique space that offers a blend of classic elegance and modern functionality. The room is cantered around a stunning grand piano, which serves as a perfect focal point for musical themed shoots. The bright hardwood floors and opulent velvet chairs add to the room’s classic charm, while the ornate lamps provide a subtle hint of indulgence.
Is fully equipped with high-end photographic tools. It includes advanced lighting setups that allow for fine-tuned adjustments to meet specific shooting requirements.
The studio offers a variety of backdrops to create the desired mood, as well as a tripod for stable and precise shooting.
Reflectors are also available to manipulate the light for achieving the best possible shots.
Additional equipment can be provided upon request. You will have everything you need for a successful and creative photo shoot experience.

$260/per hour

Classic Elegance

134 square meters

This room is an embodiment of sophistication and timeless beauty, making it a compelling choice for photographers who wish to capture a sense of grandeur. The room features an exquisite selection of antiquated furniture that adds a touch of luxury, while the pastel color palette complements a wide range of photographic styles. Crown molding and a vintage sofa contribute to the room’s classical vibe, and an elegant chandelier bathes the room in warm, flattering light.
Room comes outfitted with a versatile set of high-quality tools. The room includes a professional-grade lighting system that can be adjusted to elicit the desired mood or effect.
A wide array of backdrops is available, covering a range of styles and tones to suit different themes.
A sturdy tripod ensures stability for precise capture, and the room provides a range of reflectors to sculpt the light perfectly.
Additional gear, like lenses or supplementary lighting equipment, can be arranged upon request. This room is providing the ideal stage for photographers to fully realize their artistic vision.

$130/per hour

Vintage Loft

110 square meters

With weathered brick walls designed to mimic the aesthetic of an authentic loft, and tastefully curated vintage accessories, the room exudes a nostalgic ambience. An iconic leather sofa serves as an excellent focal point, while antique books and a vintage phonograph add depth and character to the environment.
The room is equipped with a professional lighting system that facilitates both ambient and focused lighting, vital for creating a variety of moods and themes.
A selection of backdrops is available, ranging from distressed textures to smooth, muted tones, enhancing the vintage aesthetic.
For stability and precision, a robust tripod is at your disposal.
Reflectors of different sizes and strengths are also provided to help manipulate and shape the light in your composition.
On request, we can supply additional equipment, including a variety of lenses and supplementary lighting tools. Your vision, combined with the unique aesthetics and equipment of this room, ensures each photograph is a piece of art.

$150/per hour

Wedding Bliss

128 square meters

The Wedding Bliss room is a stunning amalgamation of romance and elegance, providing an idyllic setting for capturing moments of love and commitment. The room is imbued with a soft, ethereal quality, making it perfect for wedding or engagement photoshoots. With its antique chairs and vintage vanity, every corner of the room whispers tales of timeless love, while the floral archway adds a whimsical, fairy-tale touch. The room’s colour palette is a harmonious blend of soft whites and creams, punctuated by sporadic bursts of floral colours, creating a dreamy, romantic ambiance.
The room is equipped with a high-grade lighting system, allowing photographers to experiment with both natural and artificial lighting.
A wide array of backdrops is available to enrich the composition, ranging from simple, muted tones to more elaborate and textured options.
In addition to the basic equipment, the room comes with a sturdy, adjustable tripod and a variety of reflectors to manipulate the light according to the desired mood and theme.

$200/per hour

Bath Suite

120 square meters

The Luxe Bath Suite is a haven of tranquility and sophistication, perfect for photoshoots aiming to evoke a sense of serenity, luxury, or indulgence. The room’s centerpiece is an elegant freestanding bathtub sitting atop tiles, exuding an atmosphere of old-world charm mixed with modern allure. The walls, adorned with tasteful artwork and soothing color tones, strike a balance between opulence and tranquility. Cascading natural light filters through the large window, bathing the room in a soft, flattering illumination.
This suite is an ideal setting for a variety of photoshoots. It effortlessly enhances product shoots for luxury bath and skincare lines, fashion editorials that require an ambience of understated glamour, or individual portrait sessions that seek a unique and sophisticated backdrop.
The room is equipped with a top-tier lighting system that allows photographers to experiment with varying light intensities.
A quality tripod is available for use, ensuring stability and precision in every shot.
The room also offers a selection of reflectors to guide and reshape the light to suit the mood of the shoot.
High-definition lenses and additional lighting tools can be provided upon request.

$210/per hour